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                                   Vivian Singh

                                   Director and Image Professional

                                  Haute Image Consulting





Image Consulting

What is an Image Consultant? We are trained in a variety of areas which, when put together, create the image that you want the world to see.  It is a physical presentation that gives your audience a quick insight into who you are.  Through a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, career and social goals, your personality, your individual style and the colours that suit you the best, we give you the tools you need to create your personal brand.  We can then work with you to review and audit your closet, then, of course, we can go shopping to create a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle, and your social and career goals.

At Haute Image Consulting, we offer packages which are customized to fit your needs.

Etiquette is another important element in your image profile, which can be included in any of our packages.


About Me

Vivian Singh


My love affair with fashion started with my admiration for my mother's style. She always showed up well put together.  Her style was impeccable, and she made a lasting impression wherever she went.  I count myself fortunate to have inherited her sense of style and to have been able to combine this flair for dressing with my love of helping others develop professionally and personally.

In my previous career as a leader in education, I learned to honour diversity and the unique qualities of the individual, both of which are so important in identifying the unique style and personality of each individual.  Whether dressing for a work event, an interview, a family affair or a date, the way we show up speaks very loudly about who we are, and leave a lasting impression. 

Through my training at the International Image Institute in Toronto, and my affiliation with the Association of Image Consultants International, I am experienced and qualified to help others achieve the success they desire by defining their style and refining their appearance, through focusing on their appearance, behaviour and communication style.



I was going for an old Hollywood look on my wedding so it's nice to know that you interpreted my vision so well! But I must say that what contributed to my total look was knowing what colours to use for my makeup and my bouquet. Without you I would not have been able to choose the colours that would have made me look my best. For this I must say thanks to you.

I must say that I am happy and blessed to have met you.  You have broadened my mind set, brought the best out in me and made me aware of how I should always look.... Thank you....

Natalie B

Manager, Home Decor

Terri O

I wanted to let you know that I received a compliment from a South African Dispensing Optician who recently joined us.   His exact words were "Do you have a special Stylist?  You always look so well put together".   You can imagine how I received that!


Just wanted you to know that your teachings continue to influence my sense of dress and has encouraged me to take greater pride in my appearance.


I am still using my colour palette and Dorian and I are always comparing our choices and experiences.  I now only use short jackets, and they have really made a major difference.  I get lots of compliments so I know I am doing something right. I refer to my notes from time to time, just so that I can stay motivated.   Thank you for making this difference in my life.

Theresa A

General Manager, Optical Services




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