1.5-2 hours

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Clothing reflects an attitude.  Are you communicating the right attitude?  Are you authentic, confident and strong in your personal style?  Are you dressing to reflect your personality, your individual style and your lifestyle?


Through a personal consultation we discover your true style and how to intensify your presence, elegance and power through your physical presentation.  We discover your Personal Brand and you get a personalized style guide for future reference.

1.5-2 hours

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Did you know that the colours you wear reflect/affect your mood, and can have a psychological effect on the people around you?  The colours you wear can uplift your spirits,  send a powerful message to your audience, or welcome others to interact with you. 

A colour analysis will allow you to know your best colours, based on the undertone of your skin, and your complexion, and will inform your choices when you go shopping.  You will learn how to combine colours and how to use certain colours to your advantage.  In addition, you will receive a colour swatch book with all of your best colours.

1.5-2 hours



Your wardrobe is a building block to self definition

Come explore the endless possibilities with me.  We’ll start with a review of what’s in your closet, determine what works well for you, what needs to be altered, donated or stored, and create a shopping list of what’s missing in your closet to move you to the next level of feeling confident in what you wear.

We review and organize all clothes, shoes and accessories in the process to make your wardrobe simple and complete, and a joy for you to explore each and every day.

1.5-2 hours



Do you feel frustrated when you go shopping? Is it because nothing fits you properly or you just can’t find what you like?  A personal shopping session will show you how to shop like a pro.  You will learn how to select the styles, fabrics and colours that meet your needs. Effective shopping tips will help you save time and money in future shopping experiences.  Or, Vivian can shop for you, and you get to try on all the outfits and accessories in the comfort of your own home.

1.5-2 hours

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Etiquette plays an important part in our lives whether we are at work or socializing.  Knowing the basics when dining with your future boss, or anyone for that matter, shows good manners and makes a great impression.

1.5-2 hours

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A variety of packages are available based on your needs.

All of these services are offered as part of the total package, which is designed to move you from identifying your goals to achieving your goals.

Call or email for a phone consultation to discuss which services suit you best.

1.5-2 hours



My Private Stylist  is a personalized style guide that gives you all the elements of style you need to buy clothes that enhance the real you and make you glow with confidence! To find out more and get your personalized copy of My Private Stylist style guide. Don't wait BUY NOW!