Welcome! You’re seconds away from what styles suit you and more!

Want a quick style reference that you can take anywhere with you?  - Yes! Even on your phone!

This fabulous My Private Stylist style program helps you choose exactly the right garment every time! No more buying
clothes that sit sadly in your closet, never to be worn.

Everything about you is taken into consideration – your height, age, weight, body shape, face shape, and vertical proportions. 

It is all combined in one portfolio to give you a clear picture of your needs and the best clothing styles suited for YOUR body
type, so you can be confident that the style recommendations and fashion advice is relevant to you and not just general
advice that anyone can relate to. 

My Private Stylist / Men of Style is a Personalized Makeover Guide. It has over 660 full-colour fashion photos in 40 categories that cover almost every garment and accessory that you place on your body. You’ll find everything from swimwear to underwear; coats to dresses; hairstyles to eyewear. 

It makes it easier for you to explore all of your very best clothing styles. Each clothing style is classified as great, good, good only if you do the things stated, and, of course, what to avoid.

You can start using your portfolio right away to review your existing wardrobe and buy new items from your list. It lets you know what to compromise and what not to compromise.

You're just seconds away from what styles suit and more!

Shopping faster with more confidence and accuracy than ever before!

Knowing how to coordinate colours, patterns, and textures!

Filling your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that bring out your best features

Hearing compliments from others and watching new opportunities come your way!

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Valid Until December 6, 2020

To get your My Private Stylist / Men of Style style guide:

  1.  Order through PayPal now  (*Please allow 24 hours to receive your License Key # to access your My Private Stylist / Men of Style program)

  2. I will email your personal License Key # which you will use to access your, My Private Stylist / Men of Style      

  3. You will receive detailed instructions on how to use and access your new personalized style guide.

  4. Of course, I’m always only an email away.  

  5. Order now and get a Bonus 30-minute personal Discovery session with me to answer any style questions you may have. 



*Please allow 24 hours to receive your License Key # to access your My Private Stylist / Men of Style style guide.